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Allow Us to Re-Introduce Ourselves: We’re the Bigger, Bolder BNO!

A year into a successful merger, we’re reflecting on how joining forces with the Garfield Group has made us a greater agency with a greater impact.

What do you get when you fuse prime PR, award-winning branding, and broadcast video capabilities with exceptional employer brand marketing, creative, and analytics expertise? One full-service, full-flavor creative agency! When the Garfield Group felt change was brewing, BNO was top of mind. In our legacies and values that aligned from company credo all the way down to color palette, we each saw an opportunity for game-changing synergy. Now, nearly a year since our agencies have joined forces, the merger has proven successful as our shared philosophy of beginning with brand strategy to generate imaginative ideas continues to steer our clients toward branding brilliance.

When BNO’s experience ranging from social and search to CX strategy and employer brand marketing met the Garfield Group’s expertise in a range of PR offerings and B2B strategy, we knew we stirred up something special. Garfield came bearing PR prowess from branding to digital marketing capabilities, and its home base of Philadelphia has given BNO a foothold in a location crucial to our current and future clients from the pharma industry. Garfield’s start-up spirit and ability to be agile have been contagious, making for more speed and fluidity in our day-to-day since our agencies have become one. Its reach across industries like healthcare, fintech, and education, as well as its toolkit equipped with knowledge from lead nurturing to digital media, has complemented our existing expertise to make for a more robust agency.

Members of BNO visit the Garfield Group at the Philadelphia office at the start of our merger last year. Clockwise from top: Bryon Lomas, Matt Pfluger, Rachelle Powell, Trista Walker, Nicole Dottoli, Joanne Obenauf, Abey Abraham, and Ryan Obenauf.

A year after banding together, members of the expanded BNO team convene at our Philadelphia location. Clockwise from top left: Rachelle Powell, Scott Greisler, Sheri Wachenheim, Susan Tennant, Trista Walker, Bryon Lomas, Val Chavenson, Laura McLaughlin, and Abey Abraham.

But we’re not the only ones who got the sweet end of this deal—combining our agencies has given Garfield more ways to serve its clients with access to in-demand research processes and a greater media reach. Our in-house video production and analytics capabilities have helped Garfield streamline and up-level its already–first-rate PR services to meet all the needs of its existing clients, as well as the clients on BNO’s roster.

With nearly a year of aligned collaboration and sustained growth under our belt, it’s no wonder the marriage of the Garfield Group and BNO has been a happy one. The Garfield Group’s Vice President of Strategy and Client Services Matt Pfluger said it best when he shared, “Together we’re stronger and can do even greater things.” In short: Banding together has been a real win-win, slam-dunk situation for the new BNO and for our clients, who have been at the heart of the decision to blend our agencies into one. The past year has been an exciting one as our robust range of services and expertise builds new and future clients’ brands along with our current clients, including Nike, Verizon, and Bristol Myers Squibb.

As the 2023 planning season grows closer, there’s no better time to consider a refresh, and there’s certainly no better time to work with the bolder and broader BNO. Contact us to talk more about how our full range of services can help your brand reach its next level of awesome: